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The Phoenix STUDIO

Imagine more space.

The Phoenix Studio could be a perfect solution. If you're looking for a hobby room, a home office or a quiet classroom, consider the climate-controlled Phoenix Studio™.

Assembled on-site in just a few hours, you'll have the room you need, ready for use.

Housing Exterior
Decorated Interior

The Phoenix Studio™ is more than a shed. It's insulated, climate controlled, equipped with power, and can be easily adapted to your personality. It's well equipped for a home office or classroom setting.  Need a quiet retreat? The Phoenix Studio™ might be your solution.

Available in different sizes, the Phoenix Studio™ can be installed on any flat, level surface in a matter of hours by two or three individuals. It's a plug-and-play design that can be powered with an extension cord, based on your needs and requirements.

The Phoenix Studio™. The right product at the right time.

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